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How to get on Google

Have you ever wondered how to get on Google?

There are two ways to get on Google search result pages.  One way is to pay Google for advertising through Adwords or sponsored links.  The other way is to optimise your website for the organic search results.  There are other ways to get into Google for example ‘Local Places’.  The main topic for discussion here will be the organic search results.

There are a lot of factors governing the success of your website.  First of all you need to consider on-page SEO and need a well-structured, easy to navigate website, with lots of good relevant content.  Pages need to be optimised for the keywords/search terms people will use to try and find your website in the search engine.  Once the content is correct then off-page SEO considerations need to be implemented, and this includes an on-going link building campaign is essential to build the reputation of your website.

If you have ever thought about how to get on Google then you may have already thought about your keywords or search terms.  Your text on each page needs to be optimised with the right number of keywords, used in the right places.  Too many of the same words on the page and the search engine may think you are spamming, too few then the search engine won’t be able to determine what keyword it needs to use.

With so many other websites talking about the same subject, the search engine needs to order the results.  This ordering process is called ranking, or in Google’s case Google PageRank.  The rank of each page of your website is determined by an algorithm.  A complex formula that works out a rank for your web page based on many factors.  Some of the most important factors include relevant, high ranking links pointing to your webpages. The more quality links the higher the reputation of your web page, the better it will compete.  Think of the link as a vote of confidence.

If you have ever wondered how to get on Google, then you will realise that it requires a lot of time and effort to efficiently increase your chance of success.  It is not just about the creation of a website, but more of understanding the science, and an on-going commitment to keep making the changes necessary to improve your website content and reputation.


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How To get On Google